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Green Venezuela, by Oscar Garcia

Venezuela is one of those countries in where color, flowers, and fauna is abundant from East to West and so forth. This area in the mountains near Puerto la Cruz is named San Antonio, so inspiring, specially when it rains, the green seems greener,…
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Blue Angels Flower, by Oscar Garcia

Ever since my Dad took me to an air show back in the late 60's in Guadalajara, I've got hooked watching these brave men and women flying at supersonic speeds making dangerous maneuvers with their gorgeous F-18 Hornets. This blue sky background…
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Mill, Horse and Bluebonnet, by Oscar Garcia

More Texan than this ranch house, the horses, and the mill? impossible! Lucky day exploring and finding these beautiful flowers when spring has sprung in Texas, its state flower. When I travel to Brazil I think that my favorite flower is the…