Nostalgia in details

Last weekend, I visited a resort in the country. It was lovely, but what I loved most was the view, which was a body of water but dried up for the winter. People from the village use this as paddy fields, nets to catch fish were scattered around and a couple of boats were moored in the deeper water channel; like a canal. This is a common scene in every village in this country, a picture perfect beautiful vision, only it wasn’t. Sitting in the balcony for hours, just watching every simple minute detail, I was reminded of my village and the time I spent there. We spent the better part of the weekend sharing stories of our childhood, a nostalgic weekend.

Yahoo, by Prasanta Singha

Yahoo, by Prasanta Singha

Isn’t it beautiful how little details make an unknown place very familiar and nostalgic? This charming photo from West Bengal, India made me yearn for my village in the Bangladesh countryside. See the kids jumping in the air? They are just like my brother and me after a big elaborated prank, up to mischief. Thanks to photographer Prasanta Singha (Kolkata, India) for reminding me of so many delightful memories!

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | August 19 | Yahoo, by Prasanta Singha

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