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Relish the Moments of Nature

Do you know what drives me crazy, what amazes me the most? People constantly talk about all the wonders in life. An iPads’ usefulness…features of a new game, or new emerging technologies, and how much easier life has become, especially,…
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A Walk in the Clouds, by Nirmal Harindran

Shot at the hill station of Vagamon, in Idukki district of Kerala, India shows the enchanting beauty of monsoon season and the morning sunlight finding hard to break into through the mystic clouds of western ghats of India. The daily routine…
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Biding Bye by Nirmal Harindran

Shot at Fort Cochin Beach in the heart of the Cochin, Kerala. The beach which is situated adjoining to the Cochin sea port finds just another container ship that bids bye to the Queen of Arabian sea, Kochi. The people who have gathered for a…