Nandaru Pamungkas

Born in Hero City, Surabaya, Nandaru Pamungkas lives in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. He loves traveling, but only around the island of Java. He likes taking photos of sky, cloud, moon, sun, etc. He also likes taking photos of animals and unique Indonesian landscape. Sometimes he finds a place or humorous occasion, he uses pocket camera or cell phone camera take photos. In essence, he always tries to be grateful for all the blessings of Allah in their own way. Included with the natural beauty through photos.

Camera: Samsung WB150F
Current Location: Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia

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Tanah Airku Indonesia, by Nandaru Pamungkas

Tanah Airku Indonesia, by Nandaru Pamungkas

A beautiful blend of natural scenery of Indonesia with rice paddy fields, and mountains. I took this photo when I went for a walk around our neighborhood, in Si...

Tanah Airku Indonesia, by Nandaru Pamungkas
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