Midst of a Setting Sun

Everyone has to set out on their own journey…everyone. Life does not offer shortcuts and there is no one to accompany you. It is your journey, which you have to make. We meet company on the way, but even they have their own destiny. They too have to make their own path. When roads merge, we share the same goals and set out on a journey together. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and sometimes we leave others on the way.

Photographer Priyatosh Dey (Kolkata, India), took this photograph of a lone cyclist in the midst of a setting sun. But whilst capturing the moment, does he also capture fragments of the man’s life? Does the sunset remind us of our destination in life? We venture into life’s road starting with a new sun, and finish at the sunset.

Way to Home, by Priyatosh Dey

Way to Home, by Priyatosh Dey

Between these points, our life becomes legend. Everyone has a story to tell. With each passing day the legend grows and in the end, the story is real. But, with the setting of the sun, the story shrinks into an forgettable matter. In the end, what remains is memories and the moments you lived, which also asserts that whatever the journey is, our ultimate home lies in our finale. This is the only road we run all our lives…

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | June 10 | Way to Home, by Priyatosh Dey

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  1. Zahraa
    Zahraa says:

    I admire the way you name this speaking picture ! it speaks loudly and express the essence of life ,
    Absolutely this is life , sometimes our paths and road maps gets along side and some times it goes two different ways! this is life , we all learning together in this universe guided by the most creative designer and conductor “Allah”!

  2. Shoaib Quraishi
    Shoaib Quraishi says:

    One life …one destiny…one dream…we are born every moment we think of good to others. We directly grow our individuality and empower our inner strength. For this we we seldom talk to ourselves. If you are a visionary( IMAGINATIVE + THINKER), than you just do it. If we know what we have to do and how, than more than half the act is done. Then you need to grow your work and performance boundary by including your soulmate… this is love..Thats doubles your energy and makes you work with more powe. And you conquer the dream of life is the life of love, happiness, peace and prosperity. Its the universal language of achievable success with determination and self faith.However, you have to be awakened and enlightened in this dream which you want to make it come true.


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