Messenger of Love

What does a bee love? To hum around the flower’s chambers only to enter as a lover would enter a lover’s heart, and without fuss become entwined. But as with some lovers, bees also attend to other lovers. But can anyone blame the bee? All beauty awaits appreciation and all lovers of beauty rush to worship. But Kahlil Gibran said, “Give and Take…” To the bee, a flower is a fountain of life, and to the flower a bee is a messenger of love. For both, the giving and receiving is a need and an ecstasy. With spring as the season of love, this becomes the harbour of those heavenly passions…what do you think?

Live Amongst Nature

Busy Bee, by Imran Choudhury

This photo is taken in the spring at Norrköping, Sweden, by Photographer Imran Choudhury (Norrköping, Sweden). After the long hard winter, Sweden blossoms with vibrant colours, spring is a season that arrives as a great relief. An abundance of flowers flourish in trees attracting many bees, which absorb the sweet nectar…

Photo of the Day | May 31 | Busy Bee, by Imran Choudhury

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  1. Genelia Chenzey
    Genelia Chenzey says:

    luv…relly is a magical…power dat v human being hv inside….i guess…v are relly lucky…<3


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