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Photo of the day 03072012 1s

For that Perfect Moment

All our lives we wait patiently to experience a perfect moment, a beautiful moment with unexpected turns and beautiful consequences. And when that moment arrives, the desire is to capture it…some of us try to hold this feeling within our hearts.…
Photo of the day 03072012 1s

The Hunter, by Mai Phuong Duong

Our early trip in the morning to catch the sunrise turned out to be a disappointment as it was very cloudy and the sun was nowhere to be seen. However, on the way back, we witnessed a misty and beautiful scenery of the tea plantation. My husband…
Photo of the day 11052012

Fires, by Mai Phuong Duong

It seems easy to make an `interesting' macro photograph as the subject is usually something hardly observed by our naked eyes. However, creating a macro shot that keeps viewer's eyes on it for some moments is rather difficult. In a close-up…
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