Lothar Seifert

Lothar Seifert was born 1955 in Germany. He lives in a small village in Upper Lusatia surrounded by wonderful nature. He is currently working as a design engineer, specialist for occupational safety and environmental officer. Over time, photography has become an important part-time of his employment. Lothar Seifert’s journeys in Asia, his friendly relations with the people of various religions in Nepal, Kashmir, Ladakh and India, has learned him to love the road and portrait photography. The motivating impulses from these Asian countries are limitless. Lothar’s pictures from Asia shows also solidarity with the poor people on earth. For three years he organized support for the schooling of children from poor families in Nepal and sends winter clothing for children in the cold regions of the Himalayas. With great passion Lothar helps children in Nepal for a good education. By these experiences and adventures Lothar gets incidentally wonderful motifs for photography.

The invitation of the Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism of Jammu and Kashmir brought Lothar in 2009 for the second time on a photo safari in the beautiful countries Kashmir and Ladakh. The most important photo for Lothar is not by himself, but by the photographers by his holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. This picture shows his holiness together with Lothar Seifert and a friend. In addition, Lothar likes the faces of little insects and makes many macro shots of the animals and plants. With his photographs and conservation projects he wants to help to understand the nature and to save the environment. Many photos on his website can be sent for free as a greeting card also.

Camera: Nikon D5100 and Sony Alpha 6000.
Lenses: Sigma DC 17-70mm, Nikon DX AF-S 55-200mm, Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS,
Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS, Zeiss E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS.
Flash: Nikon SB-910 | Tripod: Manfrotto
Current Location: Naundorf, Saxony, Germany
Website: http://www.l-seifert.de/
Portfolio: http://www.asien.l-seifert.de/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/selo/
Gallery: http://pictify.saatchigallery.com/user/Selo
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Kunst.Natur.Kultur/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lothar.seifert
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Lothar-Seifert-Sachsen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/naundorf

Some of Lothar Seifert’s Most Popular Award Achievements

A Man from Ladakh, by Lothar Seifert

A Man from Ladakh, by Lothar Seifert

A man from Ladakh, he is very friendly, but also very poor. This man is a Buddhist, and he sat on the steps in front of a monastery in the Indus valley. He was ...
An Old Gate, by Lothar Seifert

An Old Gate, by Lothar Seifert

An old gate in a farmhouse in Brandenburg, Germany. This gate hinges was very old, when I found it in 2012 at a large barn door in northern Germany. Awa...

Boy from Nepal, by Lothar Seifert
Sangam Point, by Lothar Seifert
Nomads in Kashmir, by Lothar Seifert
A fly on a Flower, by Lothar Seifert
Hornets in My Garden, by Lothar Seifert
Sindhu Gathi, by Lothar Seifert
Children in Nepal, by Lothar Seifert
Willow Catkins, by Lothar Seifert
North Cape, by Lothar Seifert
Snow on Rose Hips, by Lothar Seifert
Farmers in Nepal, by Lothar Seifert
School Class in Kathmandu, by Lothar Seifert
An Old Gate, by Lothar Seifert
An Old Shepherd, by Lothar Seifert
A Man from Ladakh, by Lothar Seifert
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