Lost in Time

A Numbness pains me, pins me to the ground. My heart aches at the feeling of the lost times and my heart cries in loss of those times he won’t be able to see. If only time can be reversed…even for one moment; if I could again live those green days. Time flies and how! With time I feel the bite…with time the aged old world is getting by… But still the beauty sustains…becoming new life with every day, with each new day passing by. And, now I try to embrace these last moments, swimming through the world for the last time. The beauty in its truest and vintage form may fade far away, dissolve and quietly forget the one who drinks and leaves unseen with a hungry heart. But, still I wait for death with a deserted heart. Beauty may leave us but we live amongst beauty…

Lost in Time

Aged, by Minh Nghia Le

The photo taken by Photographer Minh Nghia Le (Singapore) at Leverkusen, Germany awakes us and makes us face the harsh reality. The beauty you want to enjoy also reminds you of the beauty you are going to miss in your absence, it evokes those desires, doesn’t it? Share your thoughts with us…

Photo of the Day | February 09 | Aged, by Minh Nghia Le

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  1. Marion Schröter
    Marion Schröter says:

    Germany awakes us?
    Whenever. We awake when we wish to be. I am leaving this place with Full happiness in my heart. The Crew. The people I love do not live here any more, few exceptions. I need nature and a reasonable amount of people sharing it. In Germany we are by far too many people for my taste. Multicultural is cool. Overpopulation for decades is Not.

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