Living in the box

We all are trapped in boxes. Don’t you think from our childhood we are taught to learn to live in the box? We are taught to have a boundary line around us and live within the limit. We learn to forget how to enjoy freedom. Is not the boundary line is our only way to enjoy our lives? Then someday we feel claustrophobic and we try to break away from it, someday we feel too much shy to, too much confused, and get too much worried, just to challenge the barrier. But to succeed in life, to have the real taste of freedom, we need to break away from the limit we set for ourselves. Only then we can feel and experience the real life.

Trapped in a Box, by Ryszard Wierzbicki

Trapped in a Box, by Ryszard Wierzbicki

Photographer Ryszard Wierzbicki’s photograph from Muang Ngoi, Laos, where Kids were sitting in the boxes in the middle of a central road going through the village raises these questions in my mind. What about you? Share your thought.

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | January 06 | Trapped in a Box, by Ryszard Wierzbicki

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