Living in a Box

Don’t we all live in a box, but try to be like Houdini, the escape king? We try to escape all our life, but there is very little chance of success; we are all restrained in the end. Of course we aspire to be as a free spirited bird at times, but we end up being a jail bird, don’t we? We like our servitude in our hearts.

Living in a Box

Despair, by Christopher Utano

We want our morning paper ready on the table, rather than taking a walk in the wilderness to relish the morning. The wild air knocks at our window but we prefer the mild-tempered air conditioner to suit our conformity. And how many times do you think about matching colors, but not for one moment, wonder at the color of a butterfly on your window? The sky is our limit, but we’re confined to open spaces. So many windows and doors are open to us, but not one is we able to pursue.

The photograph taken by Photographer Christopher Utano (Hauppauge, New York, USA), speaks to us about our own limitation. Does it remind us of our own lives? Does the faceless stranger actually represent us all, in our own confinement? Share your thoughts…

Photo of the Day | November 05 | Despair, by Christopher Utano

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  1. Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood says:

    must be an adept of some kind or a philo-legend who has written ‘living in a box’…..u r right sir but we will keep trying with all we r provided with to find the mysteris of squres, circles n pyramids…weather we r traped in, orbiting or standing on top….till like all we vanish or like no one clutch the ultimate…truth, lie or what ever is…somewhere waiting for some one.


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