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That Bring Together the Life We Experience

There are moments in our lives that inspire us; some are colorful, others black and white, fading away, yet they remain special, regardless. In Light & Composition, we express the stories that bring together the life we experience, binding everything together into the oneness we represent.

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We don’t offer thousands of books, because you cannot have time to read that many, but you can always read the finest ones.

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To us, delving into the world of photography is a wonderful venture to the essence of art, with its own visual language, which portrays beauty in a completely new light.

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not only shares the very moments of our presence on this earth, it represents them from the purist’s perspective.

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From the most prestigious photography award to university education, with distance learning and research, Light & Composition is the most widely-read publication with over 2-million subscriptions. It is not only for the field of photography, but also for language and linguistics, and comparative religion – where one can find the key to the mystery of this universe…you get the picture. It is here, that we are changing the history of art and photography to what it should be for this and generations to come.

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