Let’s raise your voice

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism, or in the holy name of liberty or democracy? I say nothing. Nothing can give a new life to a dead person. An orphan can never be able to find the original love of their parents, who just died. No one can bring them back. Today may be it’s someone else, but how do you know that tomorrow won’t be your turn?

I know you are raising your voices, creating Packard to protest against the destruction. But is that enough? We are just shouting in front of some gates and then go home, have dinner and articulate us that at least I raise my voice. If that is the scenario then what about the orphan boy who just lost his family, or the women who lost her only son who is capable of earning money? What will they are going to do. They do not have any options rather than sleeping on tears.

Demonstration for Gaza in Brussels, by Olivier Vin

Demonstration for Gaza in Brussels, by Olivier Vin

Have you ever put yourself in their position? You know what, from my point of view this is the time to raise. Rise against the culpability. Fight for the needs of the humanity. Whoever you are, whatever you do – it doesn’t matter. If you are a writer then write something. If you are a painter then paint something. If you are a corporate job holder then just draw a Packard and raise it above your head. That’s enough. This kind of small act of yours will unite the whole world. Then we will gain a voice to say the victims that: “You should defend your island, defend your identity, and fight for your dear one, where no negotiation is allowed. Whatever the cost will be, you should fight, you should fight for justice. You should fight on the landing grounds, on the fields and in the streets. You should never surrender.”

When we have the voices of the world together then we can give them the hope to fight and survive – the strength of living a merciful life. Sometime it’s hard to believe what is happening in front us. It’s hard to accept the truth and the truth is “People are helpless” but when the six hundred billion raise their voices together, for sure people will find the destination of living. Let’s pray together and go for a peaceful world….

Article written by: Reazul Amin
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | July 16 | Demonstration for Gaza in Brussels, by Olivier Vin

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  1. Abdus Samad Khan
    Abdus Samad Khan says:

    Hats off to Reazul Amin.. this the fact that if it goes like these, one day the huminity and the human race will be questioned… let’s rise.. let’s rise for the good.. let’s rise for the humintiy be it jews.. muslims.. christian.. hundus and the rests.. rise for peaceful earth…


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