Laria Saunders

Laria Saunders is an award-winning photographer from California with a passion for photography that spans three decades. She comes from a family of artists, is self-taught and has a BA from UCLA/World Arts & Culture. She started off as a dancer/teacher until 1998 when she became disabled with Chronic Migraines, Partial Transverse Myelitis and other pain syndromes. Severe pain caused total isolation for many years including seven months of hospitalization and continues to disable her today. Thanks to the support of her partner, James she is able to pursue her love for abstract, nature and street photography and just completed a five-year abstract collection. Laria currently lives in East Bay, San Francisco.
Laria Saunders

Laria Saunders

Camera Gear: Nikon D600 and Nikon D800
Lenses: Nikon 70-300mm f/4-5.6G, 85mm f/1.8, 35mm f/1.4,
50mm f/1.8, Zeiss 100mm f/2,
Flash: Nikon SB900 AF Speedlight, Elinchrom RX Quadra with A Head,
Elinchrom BXRi 500 Strobes
Tripod: Gitzo with Manfrotto 405 Pro Geared Head
Current Location: Oakland, California, United States
Best Achievements & Exhibitions:
1st Place | Photo of the Month | 15th Month
2nd Place | Photo of the Month | 41st Month
Light & Composition Top 100 Photographers

Some of Laria Saunders’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Winged Beauty, by Laria Saunders

Winged Beauty, by Laria Saunders

This was taken in a Butterfly Arboretum. This large butterfly is unremarkable when it closes it's wings but when it lands for that split second and opens, the b...
Acorn Woodpecker, by Laria Saunders

Acorn Woodpecker, by Laria Saunders

I saw a bunch of woodpecker holes in dead trees on a trail in Los Angeles and decided to wait to see if one would come. I only had to wait about 20 minutes befo...

Leading Edge, by Laria Saunders
Winged Beauty, by Laria Saunders
Valley of Grace, by Laria Saunders
Sun Bursts, by Laria Saunders
Bed of Beauty, by Laria Saunders
Nectar Lover, by Laria Saunders
Acorn Woodpecker, by Laria Saunders
Window to Beyond, by Laria Saunders
Point Reyes Elk, by Laria Saunders
Storm Over Vinyard, by Laria Saunders
Inside the Pansy, by Laria Saunders
Aspire, by Laria Saunders
California Vulture, by Laria Saunders
Golden Eye, by Laria Saunders
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Recent Reflections Based on Laria Saunders’s Photographs

Surreal or not

Surreal or not

A very long time ago in a forgotten dream. I saw some butterflies were making rain Of colors that might cover the world. Change the lives and bring the lau...
Remember the Thorns!

Remember the Thorns!

Where does the end of horizon lie? You think you’re just there. But no! You’re never there. Like the fluttering butterfly your journey’s end keeps changing its ...

Remember the Thorns!
Surreal or not
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