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For Your Smile, by Kamalesh Das

This photograph was taken in one of my all-time favorite places for portrait photography “Lepcheka.” On the celebration of Losar, the new year of Tibetan Buddhism, Mr. Pemba welcomes us to the village. He is very much excited about the festival…
Photo of the day 28042012

Allegory of Colors

For the women of the Indian Subcontinents or from South East Asia, bangle is a very personal ornament. The impact of bangle in their life is vast; they like to wear those with various colors. With the change of color in nature, in the color…
Photo of the day 28042012

Colors of Life, by Kamalesh Das

I took this shot in Rasmela, a local fair of my city. There are various kinds of grooming or dressing accessories sold in different shops mainly for women. This is a bangle shop where different colors of bangles are displayed. Those colors really…