There are two ways to travel; rushing through the way to reach the destination, or to enjoy the journey towards it, and when the destination becomes the journey it is a different kind of bliss. Destinations are always important, being the goal of the journey, it is like a promise. But often, you may find the path itself is so beautiful that it also demands attention and becomes a very important part of the travel. Those who enjoys the journey often have more fun than those who rushes their way, because all the hidden easter eggs of a travel usually hides in the way.

A Walk in the Paradise, by Srikanth B J

A Walk in the Paradise, by Srikanth B J

This beautiful path reminded me of those journeys I enjoyed and all those I have my eyes on, which off course now includes Kafini Glaciers, Uttarakhand, India, thanks to photographer Srikanth B J.

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | June 11 | A Walk in the Paradise, by Srikanth B J

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