Journey to remember

Future is always behind the mist, its unknown and mysterious, but the path lies ahead of us and we venture through. Life is long journey full of adventures, we set up destinations, and we make our way through hurdles. The goal is essential, but the journey to that is not less important either. There is where the memories are made, the lessons learnt, we make friends, fall in love. The path towards the goal is difficult, it takes a lot of hard work, blood and sweat, but this is where we live our life. We may celebrate our victories, dissect our defeats but the moments that we cherish always lies in the path of life, and that is the most beautiful part. The ethereal photograph by Hirak Ghosh embodies this mysterious journey very subtly, don’t you think?

Going to Work, by Hirak Ghosh

Going to Work, by Hirak Ghosh

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | January 03 | Going to Work, by Hirak Ghosh

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