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East Flores Mountain Layers by Ismawan Ismail

If you visit East Flores of Indonesia, one of the main attractions there is definitely Mount Kelimutu with its three crater lakes. Go to the Moni village, 50 kilometers Northeast of the city of Ende, climb the Kelimutu peak at sunrise time,…

Sunrise at Tengger, by Ismawan Ismail

A view of Tengger caldera during sunrise, with the infamous Mount Bromo, Batok, and Semeru in the middle of the caldera, surrounded by the Sand Sea or Laut Pasir as the local people called the volcanic sand desert inside the caldera. The picture…
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To the Crater, by Ismawan Arief Ismail

Taken right at the edge of Ijen crater in a trekking trip to Ijen peak, in East Java, Indonesia, a picture of brave and strong traditional miners heading to their traditional sulfur mine. They climb down to the shore of the crater lake to mine…