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Photo of the Month | 30th Month

1st Place | Photo of the Month | 30th Month The Key of Hope, by Yousef Deeb Yousef Deeb is a passionate photographer, lives in Gaza, Palestine. He works as a photographer in Zain Pannet website and for a French press agency. He is spending…
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Inner Serenity!

This divine photograph by Ismawan Ismail has taken me to another aspect of life; it’s not just someone reciting, it’s the book that he’s reciting! To some it’s just an ancient book with an even ancient language, but for those who understand…
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Smile…! by Ismawan Ismail

This picture was taken quite a long time ago, when both my daughters were still 7 & 5 years old. It was in the morning after the Eidul Fitri prayer, and I asked them to pose for a shot that later to be sent to their grandmas. Both of them are…