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As humans, we are capable of many great things, but our most beautiful creations are often found in the ones that merge with nature. And the more time elapses, the more these start to resonate with their surroundings and become more beautiful to us, just like the captivating beauty of this old mill at Crystal Colorado. The wall’s vertical logs are very much in tune with the neighboring trees. The splintered timber ladder emerging from the chilly water reflects the color of the sheer cliff, and provides a passage of entrance…our gaze is pushed upwards to the pitched roof that mimics the slope of the mountains.

Crystal Mill, by Steve Hirsch

Crystal Mill, by Steve Hirsch

Though the exposed wooden color contrasts the surrounding green woods, there’s a certain robust romanticism that adds to the aesthetic quality of the structure. Congratulations to Steve Hirsch (Columbus, Ohio, USA), for capturing this beautiful mill in all its glory!

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Photograph source:
Photo of the Day | March 28 | Crystal Mill, by Steve Hirsch

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