Imran Dawood

Imran Dawood is a telecommunication Engineer and working with Warid Telecom as IN/VAS Engineer. He was having interest since long but couldn’t follow it though. He properly started photography when he bought his first DSLR in Philippines while he was working there. After Philippines he went to many countries and found ample opportunities to take pictures. He is a nature lover that’s why he loves to photograph those stunning places and freeze his memories. He started with Nikon D80 which was destroyed during a mishap with himself in Malaysia. Then He switched to Nikon D90 and currently He is using Canon EOS 7D.

Camera Gear: Canon EOS 7D
Current Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Some of Imran Dawood’s Most Popular Award Achievements

The Naked Mountain, by Imran Dawood

The Naked Mountain, by Imran Dawood

Nanga Parbat which mean Naked Mountain, is 26,660 ft (8126 m) in W Himalayas. It is also known as Killer Mountain because of so many deaths to reach its summit....
Siri-Paye, by Imran Dawood

Siri-Paye, by Imran Dawood

Siri-Paye is hill top and is 30 minutes rough jeep drive from Shogran, Naran Valley, northern Pakistan. We preferred hiking instead of jeep. When we started our...

Taobat, by Imran Dawood
Naran at Full Moon Night, by Imran Dawood
Siri-Paye, by Imran Dawood
The Naked Mountain, by Imran Dawood
Shogran Panorama, by Imran Dawood
Fairy Land, by Imran Dawood
Banjosa Lake, by Imran Dawood
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