I Love Rain

I always have a song stuck in my head, regardless of what I am doing. These days I was humming a song of rain. But where is rain! There were only long relentless days of summer. Yesterday when I went back home after college, suddenly the sky was becoming cloudy. I thought it would rain. I went out to see and it was really raining! Tiny drops of water were falling from the clouds. I was so happy about the fact that sultry summer was finally coming to an end!

I Love Rain

End of Summer, by Christopher Utano

Here is a beautiful photograph titled “End of Summer,” by Christopher Utano. This image was shot on Labor Day last summer, signifying the end of summer days. Do you like the photo? Do you like rain? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo of the Day | May 20 | End of Summer, by Christopher Utano

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