Have You Ever Been There?

The first thing that I heard this morning was the notification sound of Facebook, one after another, probably of an event of my upcoming day, even when I was not fully awake. Can you imagine that, how we are so blinded by our high standards of living these days, surrounded by super-fast internet and towering skyscrapers that we forget what it means to live a life simply and beautifully, devoid of all these modern facilities. This picture actually defines just that, where the sound of birds fill the air, not the notification of Facebook, where people have to go through hurdles of life, uncertainties and constant worry about tomorrow. Yet they are hardly seen keeping a sad face on. They know how to overcome all that, taking each day at a time with a smile that never parts their lips.

The people living in this place know how to live beautifully, dream passionately, and love completely. It is what keeps them moving ahead in life. Have you ever been to such a beautiful place inhabited by such strong willed people? Have you ever been there?

Have You Ever Been There? by Rezawanul Haque

Have You Ever Been There? by Rezawanul Haque

Take a look at the picture taken by Rezawanul Haque. Doesn’t it capture the simplicity of the life and the people living in this place? All you need is to take a look and you can see the innocence reflecting through the lenses of the photographer.

Article written by: Irtifa Hasan
Inspired by: Have You Ever Been There? by Rezawanul Haque

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  1. Anjan Patra
    Anjan Patra says:

    You explained it very beautifully. Anyone who get the sound of bird from the related photography, is a master piece of writing. Salute your visualisation.


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