From the Diary of Professor Shonku

What if the great Professor Shonku wrote in his diary about Bangladesh, and how it would be like….

January 8,
I arrived in Bangladesh this morning. Yesterday after lunch, Abinash babu and I started for Dhaka. In the evening we reached there. There are many interesting facts about Bangladesh that I didn’t know. I knew Bangladesh is a land of rivers, and here the rivers created the vast alluvial delta, but didn’t know it has the third highest out flow of water in the world, after the Amazon and the Congo systems. No wonder a lot of people have aquatic lives.

My neighbor Avinash Babu has come for the sole propose of seeing the house of his forefather. He is now seated a few feet away from me and reading about Bangladesh on my shankoTab, he showed me this picture of the aquatic people that was taken by photographer Mostafa Monwar.

Aquatic life

Aquatic life

I can see the eternal struggle for life in the weary eyes of these people. Life for them is not easy. But still they are happy. After day’s work still they sing and eat with their loving family. Seeing the photography I can feel the essence of life in Bangladesh. With undying spirit for living, people here accept life with all the colors it offers. I was wondering after all those hard work how can these people still have hair!! I know these hairs cannot be real, but I can’t help thinking of their hair! How can all of them afford them?

At the age of thirteen, the first strand of grey hair appeared on my head. When I turned seventeen, I started to lose my hair. By the time I was twenty-one, I was almost completely bald. I do realize that, as a scientist, I should not be feeling such strong attraction for the hair of those unknown people; I must focus on the photograph that Avinash Babu wants to show me. But when I am writing my diary, I must be totally honest with myself.

Photo of the Day | June 25 | Aquatic life by Mostafa Monwar

***This is just a fun writing for those people who are familiar with the writing of great Sattajit Rai. We respect Sattajit Rai, and all his writing.

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