Freeze the Moment!

When a moment is truly exceptional, the first thing we say is “Let’s freeze the moment”. In this one instance, once paused, is where our forever lies. This tranquil moment reminds us of every time we lose ourselves to challenges and despair, completely caught in the moment. The most effective way to endure such occasions is by reflecting to those times in our lives, where we were extremely happy and content. Whether a place, moment, person or a friend we were with, whatever it may be…capture it, freeze it, savor it and hold it deep in your heart. And when this time has passed, you will be able to relive those extraordinary moments with a big smile and heartfelt warmth. This makes the trials presented to us worth the ride, since we managed to freeze the wonderful chapters and frame these into a timeless memory.

I said freeze! by Jana Z

I said freeze! by Jana Z

Gazing at this completely frozen stillness captured by Jana Z (Geneva, Switzerland), transports us back to memories that cause us to reminisce conveying flashbacks to our minds of moments we held dear to our hearts. Wouldn’t you like to capture a snapshot of your mind then freeze the moment?

Article written by: Simran Nanwani
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | February 04 | I said freeze! by Jana Z

3 reviews
  1. Niharica
    Niharica says:

    Very true! There are so many instances in our lives we just rush by. Many important and pivotal instances. Once in a while we should ‘freeze and frame’ those moments:)

  2. Phani
    Phani says:

    Beautiful thoughts you put forward for this amazing and icecold photograph. No only does it show the coolness in this shot but also warms the heart with memories through your write up! Great composition overall!! Wonderful!


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