For the Love of Coffee

If you Google “Benefits of drinking coffee”, your search will return about 27,700,000 results regarding this topic. If you do the search for the disadvantages of drinking coffee, the number will be about 5,120,000. So you see, with coffee, we just can’t decide what to do; drink or not drink it? So why do we drink coffee?

Do we ever think about the benefits or disadvantages while drinking coffee? I doubt it…with coffee, we satiate our thirst, but, is it only thirst? It’s not a physical craving…it’s actually a mental desire. We pour our emotions over a cup of coffee. We share coffee with strangers and make friends. We shorten our distance and resolve our anger over a coffee. We love; we cry with the change of coffee’s fragrance. Yes, that’s right, you are reading an article from a coffee lover. Such is the effect of coffee, isn’t it? Tell us…haven’t you shared your coffee with loved ones? And how does it feel?

For the Love of Coffee

A Lot Happens over Coffee, by Ruben Alexander

Photographer Ruben Alexander (Bangalore, India), captured the fancy of all coffee lovers while taking this photograph. And, I’m inviting you to share your feelings with us while savouring and lingering over your aromatic coffee…

Photo of the Day | June 13 | A Lot Happens over Coffee, by Ruben Alexander

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  1. Alda Agustine
    Alda Agustine says:

    to me coffee is a must everyday. can’t live without it! this is a great post, thanks for sharing!


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