For Another Day, for Another Life

Am I ridiculous? They call me a madman…I don’t resent that. Once they were all dear to me and I could join in their laughter, not at myself, but through affection for them. Oh, how hard it is to be the only one who knows the truth! But they won’t understand, no, they can’t understand…

Whilst I was thinking of a time in my past that I spent in the wilderness, I gazed up at the sky. And at that moment, I saw the sky becoming horribly dark and ominous. I could distinctly see tattered clouds with fathomless black patches in-between. Suddenly, in one of those patches, I noticed a star, and mesmerized, I began watching the star intently. At that point, I decided to kill myself. I decided it should certainly be that night. And why the star gave me such a thought, I don’t understand.

I began to recall the life I lived, the life I should be living, and whilst looking at the star, it suddenly occurred to me that life is not always a flowery road. Life is dark and with holes. But even with life’s darkest days, life has become such a dreamy journey, which can only be lived once.

I might be a ridiculous man, but the journey I have lived through, is not to be a ridiculous one. But rather, I should live another day to see my dream come true…for another day…for another life.

For Another Day, for Another Life

Towards the Stars, by Faisal Khan

Photographer Faisal Khan (Casablanca, Morocco), took this photo during a freezing midnight, without a moon in the sky. The trees look as if they were wrenched towards the stars. This astonishing view creates such a dreamy environment, that it even creates an absurd dream for a worldly man; your opinion?

Photo of the Day | June 11 | Towards the Stars, by Faisal Khan

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    • Faisal
      Faisal says:

      Thanks Ranju & Nilla ,, looking forward to read more reflections and have another trip with your words in another photo..

  1. Ranju
    Ranju says:

    it’s okk buddy.. my words were not better than your is you who inspires me to write it.:D

  2. Faisal
    Faisal says:

    Dear Mohiuddin,

    Thanks for the amazing words.. it is an honor that you reflected on this photo.

    Hope is a fuel of spiritual progress.



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