Fiery Sky

It’s evident. When you do something in a hurry, you’re sure to get even more late. Ask me for proof! Today I was really late for my evening class, and eventually, I got stuck in the traffic. Totally frustrating situation! Right at that time, I noticed the evening sky; calm and blue, patches of deep orange and red in the west sky. It looked beautiful. I forgot everything – my anger, my class, the traffic. I was lost in the tranquil sky, in the soothing fire of the clouds. When I got back home, I was still carrying the moment with me. It had made my day!

Clouds of Fire

Clouds of Fire, by Tahdiul Haq Arnab

I remembered one photograph from our Photo of the Day Award section. It was by Tahdiul Haq Arnab, which perfectly resembled today’s sky, featuring the fiery sky of the United States. I’m sharing it with you. Tell me how you like it!

Photo of the Day | June 16 | Clouds of Fire, by Tahdiul Haq Arnab

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