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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” By Helen Keller. Do you agree? Why? Because we only see beautiful things then can feel beauty?

There are some things that we create out of need. Hope is that intangible that turns nothing into something; where anything is possible and everything is beautiful; where the selfless kindness of a stranger becomes all; where history blurs and dreams of a new tomorrow fold into the moment; color is fresh and sound is as nothing heard before or will be again; a gentle touch becomes something more as you feel that you exist in someone else’s eye; hunger is a thought forgotten; grief fades; pain drifts to the edge of awareness; and, where you stand, there is a stirring inside you. Beauty isn’t just visual.

Beauty of Bosphorus, by Ferzan Turan

Beauty of Bosphorus, by Ferzan Turan

This image by Photographer Ferzan Turan, of the Bosphorus Bridge of Istanbul, Turkey, can’t capture beauty totally by mere sight. To feel beauty we need to feel it in our heart, where the truth of beauty lies.

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | January 06 | Beauty of Bosphorus, by Ferzan Turan

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  1. Heryclles
    Heryclles says:

    Great pictures and ihsngits here James! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stay with your principles and let them guide you, and let them be ever changing as you continue to experience life. A kind glance and an acknowledgment of another’s plight goes a long way. An instilled memory for you that may lead you to be an even more compassionate doctor than you ever thought you could be. My philosophy goes against the old chestnut, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This is a great lesson to learn, but it must be reflected upon to see that in situation of charity and sharing at the end of the day, the more opportunities you take to be generous, the more you will make the world a better place. Shame on me if I don’t rest on my faith in people and the more we can build this trust, the less times you will be fooled.Keep up the good work my friend!


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