A Sense of Solitude

Isn't it ironic that the relationship between the number of people around you is directly proportional to your loneliness? Think for a moment, the more people you have around you the lonelier you feel. Shouldn't this be the reverse?In this…

Iguana, by Escael Marrero

Photograph was taken in Varadero, Cuba. This reptile was walking between the houses. They are about 25 inches long but can reach much larger sizes, very fast, and feed on insects. For several days I was trying to get a good picture of them,…
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Soledad, by Escael Marrero

A pedestrian walks through the train station Principe Pio in Madrid waiting for the next train. The photo was taken from above to create a space, or you can say an attempt to get the decisive moment, to make sense the loneliness and isolation…