Everyone loves childhood, cherishes it…except children I guess; they can’t understand the value until they’ve grown up, but by then, it’s too late. We do, don’t you? Though we grow older, we keep a child’s heart hidden within us. Does the child in you crave to come to the surface? Do you know how many times you wanted to have those juvenile feelings of your childhood return?

Out of Syllabus, by Nirupam Roy

Out of Syllabus, by Nirupam Roy

This photo brings back childhood memories; do you agree? Memories are infectious, moments of reckless dreams, limitless boundaries of imagination…fearless emotions flood back to evoke us; reminiscent flashes of time. This photo is taken by Photographer Nirupam Roy (Tufanganj, Coochbehar, West Bengal, India). A school teacher by profession, he captures cherished moments of children whilst absorbed with laughter, noise, and hilarious fun activities, without the burden of books.

Such candid moments make us wish for reliving our childhood once more, but as a child. Don’t you yearn for your childhood? Share your thoughts with us…

Photo of the Day | May 18 | Out of Syllabus, by Nirupam Roy

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  1. Keith Bannister
    Keith Bannister says:

    Great comp, looks good in mono, like the eye contact of all the children, an all round great capture

  2. Rajarshi Roychowdhury
    Rajarshi Roychowdhury says:

    Excellent photograph and accompanying write-up. The subjects have been well captured, with great composition. Apt title too!

  3. kajal roy
    kajal roy says:

    just passionately look for going into those days, though not possible now, looking for the life to come….heartily congrats the photographer for fresh up the memoirs.

  4. nirupam roy
    nirupam roy says:

    exactly the children now-a-days become the mechine of the aspirations of their parents. So they are burdened with books which becomes the laggage to them loosing interest. Thus in the way they lost their favourite childhood activities. I think its a haenious crime of the parents to murder their happiest time. So when they are slightly relaxed, this sort of image can be found.

      P.K.BHILOTRA says:

      I am the lucky one, because I still am in my childhood…Thx to my parents who never insisted that I grow up!! And even today I am here, enjoying my childhood im my 53rd year!!
      To me this pic is an absolute treasure, to be held in my memory……..forever!

  5. Shoaib Quraishi
    Shoaib Quraishi says:

    Childhood is the bliss and a boon in everyones life. It is that unending journey blessed with innocence, forgiveness, forgetfulness, imagination, love. ….the moment these noble qualities shreds you are no more a child and when you replace it with opposite of these qualities you become a devil. So a mans fisrt major phase which is the base of his life is the childhood. This childhood opens the gate of wonders, magic an miracles before the child.He for the first time comes in contact with the world. He picks up what pleases his heart the first and gives up which he finds abhoring. The just gies on adding the happiness without knowing the meaning ofhappiness and without in pursuit of happiness. He develops faith in himself as if the world us his. He does not live in the world but the world lives in him. In the words of a famous author Johan Wolfgang would put ‘life as the childhood of our immortality’.

  6. Rachel Robbins
    Rachel Robbins says:

    Unfortunately some people live their whole life wishing they could just forget their childhoods. Congrats to those that dont…your lucky!


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