Beauty within the Season

Winter evokes beauty, yet it is also the hardest of all seasons. It creates mayhem. Haven’t you felt the bite of the frozen beast and realized what it means to be alive? But again, the beauty lies in the beast. That may be the ever-debatable topic. Is the feeling of ruin evolving in to the expression of beauty? Does really the presence of danger escalate the feelings of freedom within?

Need One? by Imran Choudhury

Need One? by Imran Choudhury

Winter evokes these questions. This photograph was taken by Imran Choudhury, in Norrköping, on a typical winter day where it was snowing heavily. Though the taxi represents the apparent relief from the winter bite, the amalgamation of snowfall in the site with the taxi takes a surreal turn and makes us fall in love with the season again.

Don’t you feel the anticipation for the next winter in you? To feel the life inside you again? To face the beauty within the season? What do you think?

Photo of the Day | May 04 | Need One? by Imran Choudhury

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