Beauty among the Ruins

Do you know what this place is? It is a deserted part of a Silversmiths in Birmingham. There was a time when over thirty people used to work here. But with the decline of the staff this beautiful place was left to rot. But look, how the place is bloomed with new dimension! The two coats and the photographs of the dogs on the wall are made to look like a painting by the bird droppings which cover the walls and floor.

Two Coats

Two Coats, by Barry Cawston

Doesn’t time work like a magician? It gives things new height, just as here, the rebirth of the beauty among the ruins! This photograph titled “Two Coats” was taken by photographer Barry Cawston. How do you like the photo? Share your comments.

Photo of the Day | April 04 | Two Coats, by Barry Cawston

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