The Train of Adana by Ilyas Yilmaz

One of my favourite photos, the train of Adana, makes me and other people travel between the past and the present. It reminds some of their childhood, to others of their early youth. This nostalgic and romantic look, which is not found in other means of transportation, came to life on my camera.

Canon 250D with 24mm | Exposure f/7.1 @ 1/500sec | ISO 100 | Focal Length 24mm

Adanas Train

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June 26, 2023



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Skill 12

Ilyas Yilmaz is a Turkish teacher and photographer based in Gaziantep, Turkey. With a Canon 250D and a collection of lenses including the Canon 18-55mm, Canon 24mm pancake, and Youngnuo 50mm, Ilyas captures captivating moments whenever possible. His passion for teaching and photography fuels his desire to convey stories and evoke emotions through his art.

Current Location
Gaziantep, Turkey


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