Heaven and Earth Connect by Adriano Mor

There were almost 3 days of trying to register this against plongée to symbolize that heaven and earth connect in countless ways. The ends of the plane and the building touch each other in the eye, for those who observe life with their heads held high. Even meters apart both connect.

Fujifilm X-PRO 3 with Lens Nikkor-P.C Pre AI 105mm | Exposure 1/250s @ f/22 | ISO 160 | Focal Length 105mm

Heaven and Earth Connect by Adriano Mor

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June 25, 2023



Value 12
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Street photographer of the largest city in the southern hemisphere of the planet, Adriano Mor, seeks in his work the purest authentic identity of Brazilian streets, both in large metropolises and in small towns. Born in Birigüi, a small town in the State of São Paulo, he has lived in the capital of São Paulo for ten years, where his interest is to portray the authentic essence – unspoken – of Brazil’s culture, expression, and customs.

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São Paulo, Brazil



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