Draw as You See by Olena Kostenko

It was an ordinary morning when my son and I took out an album and felt-tip pens after breakfast. We enjoy drawing and coloring different pictures. As I looked at my son, I saw something special in that moment. He appeared both unusual and simple to me, but his presence and energy complemented the atmosphere perfectly. It’s moments like these that show how ordinary experiences can become extraordinary.

iPhone 12 Pro | Exposure f/3 @ 1/100sec | ISO 200 | Focal Length 6m

Draw as You See by Olena Kostenko

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April 8, 2023



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Olena Kostenko was born and raised in Ukraine. She has been living in Norway for the last year. This country has opened her eyes to the beauty of nature and given her the opportunity to share her vision with the world. She loves to photograph people, especially her son, and wants to capture the boundless beauty of the world in her photos. Her goal is to tell stories through her photography and freeze moments in time.

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