Alone among Others by Jorge Rosado

This black and white photo was taken in March of this year in Mira de Aire. When Portugal, wandering by the stillness existing in this area, I came across this landscape where this tree stood out from the others for its grandeur and simplicity, different and at the same time equal to the others.

Phone 11 Pro Max | Focal Length 6mm | Exposure f/2 @ 1/1712sec | ISO 20

Alone among Others by Jorge Rosado

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December 9, 2022



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Jorge Rosado is an amateur photographer born in Portugal, currently living in Mira de Aire. Acting as a developer (iOS and Windows). His passion for photography, especially black and white, has been a constant in his life. As a nature and animal lover, through his photographs, he seeks to share special and unique moments with other people, his vision of the world in shades of black, white, and gray.

Current Location
Mira de Aire, Leiria, Portugal


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