Autumn by Kirsten Bruening

Like every year in autumn. When oaks blush and the maple shines yellow. If soon a breeze is enough to blow the leaves off the branch. Then it’s time again to go into the forest and to press the colorful leaves between the pages of the book as before. Some trees throw up to 28kg of leaves in the fall. This foliage serves as a food source and shelter for many animals during the cool and dark seasons.

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Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm | Exposure 1/8sec @ f/4.5 | Focal Length 50mm | ISO 250

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April 7, 2022



Value 12
Clarity 13
Composition 18
Style 12
Skill 12

Award Category
Close-Up Photography

Photograph Location
Cologne, Germany

Kirsten Bruening is an amateur photographer and lives near Cologne. Her passion for photography started in her childhood and she spent many years exploring analogue photography. After a long break of fifteen years, she returned to photography. She loves black and white photography in nature, portraiture, and wildlife. She believes nothing can convey more expression to emotions and beauty than the play of light and shadow. She plans an extra-occupational study in photography and wants to deepen her knowledge.

Current Location
Cologne, Germany


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