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Award Date
May 8, 2021



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Nazmul Shanji was born in January 1986 and from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is an Electrical Power Engineer and completed his BSc in EEE from Bangladesh and MSc from London. He was in band music from his early days until 2008 then suddenly left professional music for his better study life. From his childhood he loves to take pictures of nature and people around him, but honestly it was not his infatuation. Photography becomes his passion when he inspired a lot by his wife around a year ago. He believes self-learning is the best learning so that he started learning photography by the help of e-books, online articles, video tutorials and observing seniors’ works. His friends and cousins helped him a lot for a quick start with his 1st DSLR camera. After 5 months he completed his 1st photographic course in Photojournalism. Recently he has done an advance course in basic photography and now started a one diploma course in professional photography. He feels affection for taking photos of different aspects of human life and nature. Nature, wild life, architectural, street photography and candid portraiture are his specialty. Shanji also loves to do wedding photography barely from an artistic vision just not only for earning money. Creating own signature in photos is Nazmul Shanji’s main awareness where he always try to put his own styles, knowledge and views. “I love to travel a lot and try to capture the moments of life. My dream is to be a photo creator by which I can show my observation to others, the scrutiny of an unseen diary” said by him.

Current Location
Dhaka, Bangladesh





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