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A Morning with Solidity by Nazmul ShanjiA Morning with Solidity by Nazmul Shanji

A Morning with Solidity by Nazmul Shanji

On the way to Ratargul forest, Sylhet we are waiting for a boat to pass the river and found this stunning moment. This photo is showing the reality of life where some fisher men were working hard in the morning. I took this photo to show the world when many people are getting ready for their office or asleep these people are fighting with nature for foods not only for them also for their family.
Drinking Time, by Nazmul Shanji

Drinking Time, by Nazmul Shanji

I love birding and used to go several places for searching bird. I found this small narrow stream of water beside a tree, and birds were on the top of that tree. I was waiting there for 35 minutes to take this shot. I got them when they came…
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Black-Rumped Flameback, by Nazmul Shanji

Black-Rumped Flameback is a colorful bird and attract everyone mind always by his color and activities. Taking a perfect picture is sometimes very difficult as they couldn't stay calm. I have to move so quick with that bird and took several…
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