Skylight by Makiko Ono

It’s the ceiling window captured in the National Museum of Western Art built-in 1959 designed by Le Corbusier. Stopping by to smell “Water Lilies” by Claude Monett and touched the beauty of design in art as well as architecture, looking up the triangle-shaped window at the same place was an exciting adventure for me. The light of the ceiling window this summer and the sun we can feel through drawing art created in the early 1900s deliver the same brightness to us. The exceptional design never disappears and leads generations future ahead.

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Sony Xperia XZ1 | Exposure 1/80 @ f/2 | ISO 110 | Focal Length 4.4mm

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Award Date
July 6, 2020



Value 10
Clarity 10
Composition 15
Style 11
Skill 10

Photograph Location
Tokyo, Japan

Born in Japan, Makiko Ono, an ordinary woman, lives in Ichikawa city in Chiba prefecture mostly, but when she can, she looks around the wonderland things in the world to discover the truth of invisible and visible things. Since she loves stars of mystery, she stars at night. She is now working for one of the boutiques of her family’s company.

Current Location
Ichikawa, Japan




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