Daniele Leone

Daniele Leone was born in Milan in 1974. He is an Apulian by adoption, but having his grandparents in Florence and an uncle in Milan, he often goes to visit them with his parents. On these long car trips, he learned about his country, the beauty of the landscapes he crossed, the culture of the local people and the art in the great museums thus starting to take the first photos handling a Minolta. However, it is his uncle, a technical designer in Milan and a great traveler, who lays the foundations for his interest in photography and architecture that immediately animated his interest.

Current Location
Lecce, Italy


Best Achievements & Exhibitions

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Sony A7iir and Canon R

Lenses and Gears
Zeiss 15mm 2.8, Canon TS-E 17-24mm, Canon ef 70-200, Canon RF 35
Tripod & Heads Manfrotto, Filter: Nisi, Haida

Some of Daniele Leone’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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