Colosseo by Antonio Biagiotti

I like repeated geometric figures, it’s the wonderful Colosseum is perfect for this type of shooting. At night the headlights light up, making the figure even more decisive, with shadows and lights chasing each other. I find that the Colosseum is an extraordinary creative source for the photographer, every time it gives me images of great effect.

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Gibellini ACN45 with Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-N 240mm | Kodak T-Max 100 | 8 Minutes @ f/64 | ISO 100 | Focal 240 mm

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Award Date
June 18, 2019



Value 12.5
Clarity 12.5
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Photograph Location
Colosseo, Rome, Italy

Antonio Baigiotti was born in 1971 in Porretta Terme in the province of Bologna, Italy. This is the city of the splendid Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, where he lives and works. Since 2012, he has been happily married to Sara, his first supporter, but also a severe critic, who with her objective evaluations is a great impulse for him to grow and improve. Photography is Antonio’s great passion. He mostly uses PENTAX K1000, which let him entered a wonderful world, made of shutter speed, framing and aperture. His photographs are mostly with the Large Format 4 × 5 or Medium Format 67, using only black and white film that he personally develops and prints in his darkroom.

Current Location
Castel di Casio, Bologna, Italy






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