Pink Gerbera Leaf in Water, by Ola Cedell

The photo was taken as a part of an assignment in the course Exploring Perception. I used a bowl of water and a Gerbera flower as the background, the subject was a leaf that was floating with a water droplet. The photo was useing indirect sunlight. Exposure: Camera was set to aperture priority. To get a interesting depth of field the aperture was set to f/4, the matrix / pattern metering mode was used, hence exposure compensation was set to -0.3EV to avoid overexposure the subject. Manual focus was used.

Pink Gerbera Leaf in Water, by Ola Cedell

ILCE-7RM2 with FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS | Exposure 1/25sec @ f/4 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 90mm
Pink Gerbera Leaf in Water, by Ola Cedell

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 10
Award Score: 69 (Value 12.5, Clarity 12.5, Composition 18, Style 13, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Close-Up Photography
Photograph Location: Malmö, Skåne | Sweden

Photographer: Ola Cedell (Malmo, Sweden) Registered
Born in southern Sweden in 1969, Ola Cedell moved to Melbourne Australia in 1996, then to Aachen Germany in 2001, and returned back to southern Sweden in 2003. Food has been a big part of Cedell’s life, as he always enjoys tasting and trying new things. Besides his engineering career, he has been enjoying amateur photography since 1996. Nowadays, Landscape and food photography are his main categories, i.e. for the catering company Gazpacho. His inspiration comes form all around the world, but mainly in southern Sweden as well as France Alpes/Provence.


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