Pied Avocet, by Saniar Rahman Rahul

While visiting Muhuri Dam, quite unexpectedly I saw these Pied Avocets, one of the beautiful black and white migrated birds that can be seen in Bangladesh during winter. Usually one can see them in the river mouth, shallow brackish water, or on mud flats and often forage in there by scything their curved bills from side to side.

Pied Avocet, by Saniar Rahman Rahul

Canon 7D with EF 300mm | Exposure 1/1250sec @ f/6.3 | ISO 200 | Focal Length 300mm | Bias -2/3 EV
Pied Avocet, by Saniar Rahman Rahul

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | March 25
Award Score: 65 (Value 11.5, Clarity 12, Composition 16.5, Style 12, Skill 13)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Wildlife Photography
Photograph Location: Muhuri Dam, Feni, Chittagong Division | Bangladesh

Photographer: Saniar Rahman Rahul (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Registered
Saniar Rahman Rahul was the first winner for ‘Photo of the Month Award’ in June 2010. He was fascinated by seeing his father taking pictures with a camera while his family was in Iraq during his childhood. Later in life, in 1997, while he became very much attached with his profession of ‘graphic design’, Rahul rediscovered the creative side of photography. He started his career as a professional graphic designer in October of 1995, in a pre-press house called Color Scan, which is one of the pioneers in the pre-process printing media in Bangladesh. Afterwards, he moved to Power Point, another pre-press house. Before he finally settled into advertising, he also worked in an IT company called Abtab IT. Moving to advertising from printing media was a big step for him. In 2005, he joined G3, a special wing of Gray Worldwide. Two years later, he moved to Paper Rhyme. Now he is working as the Art Director of Grey World Wide, one of the ten largest advertising agencies in the world.

Portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/srrahul/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/srahul

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