Wild Coast, by Rainer Mirau

An extremely windy morning made in not an easy task taking this image. Light rain forced me to protect the gear with an umbrella, but the wind was so strong, that I wasn’t able to hold it with one hand. Luckily the sun came through the clouds for a few seconds.

Wild Coast, by Rainer Mirau

Canon EOS 5DII | Zeiss Distagon 2,8/35mm PC | ISO 100 | 10sec @ f/11 | Polarizer, 0.9GND soft
Wild Coast, by Rainer Mirau

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 20
Photo of the Day Award Category: Landscape Photography
Photograph Location: Madeira | Portugal

Photographer: Rainer Mirau (Baden, Austria) Registered
Rainer Mirau was born in 1976 in Vienna and have lived since his early childhood in Baden, an idyllic small town on the edge of the Vienna Forest. In his youth, he often travelled with a backpack and a tent. Now, he is often on the road in his camping van in the Alps and in Northern Europe.
His interest in landscape photography was awakened by first trips to Scandinavia. With his father‘s Olympus OM-1 and through studying various books by photographers such as Andreas Feininger, Ansel Adams or Fritz Pölking, he learned the rules of photography time after time. In 2005, he rediscovered his passion for photography and have pursued it since then with a lot of energy and joy.
Spending time in natural surroundings regularly is not just recreation and inspiration for Rainer Mirau, but is a necessity in order to lead a balanced life. For him, nature photography is the ideal occupation, as he can thus live out his creativity and grapple with technology (that whole big toy!) and in the process, still experience beautiful moments in nature as well.
Numerous publications and successes in international competitions motivates him to continue on his path as a photographer.

Website: www.silent-moment.com
Google+: http://plus.google.com/105675627112568067224/posts
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rainer.Mirau

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9 years ago

Rainer – beautifull photo!