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Children of Gambia, by Aude-Emilie Dorion

Today children of the Gambia believe they could be a responsible citizen of tomorrow. They love their time in school and love to learn. If you talk with these children, regardless of urban or rural places, they will tell you, beside the happy…
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Dancing Fairy, by Aude-Emilie Dorion

She is one of those luckiest little girls who can go to school. Education in the Gambia is a costly experience for most families. While girls had very little chances to be sent to school in the past, the government is now paying part of their…

Flying Colors

Have you ever noticed that colors have the magical power to turn your mood on or off? Just do a little experiment and you'll know what I'm talking about. The next time when you feel lonely or sad, put on a bright dress, and look at the bright…