At Dawn, With Love

The very first ray of sun is the best representation of hope. It makes you feel good about everything in the world, refreshed and replenished. When the darkness of the night dissolves in the beautiful dawn light very slowly, the golden rays falls upon everything like a shower of pixie dust, gives a beautiful ethereal glow. Dawn is best enjoyed in the nature, how everything wakes up with the rising sun, is an indulgent for a nature lover.

Elephant Safari, by Kamalesh Das

Elephant Safari, by Kamalesh Das

This magnificent moment is beautifully captured with all its stunning glory in the frames of photographer Kamalesh Das in the Murti riverside elephant safari in Dhupjhora range of Gorumara wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal, India.

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Photograph source:
Photo of the Day | December 21 | Elephant Safari, by Kamalesh Das

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