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Blush by Arvind Bhatt

It was a treat to witness the set of fresh flowers laid out for the flower show in Lalbagh, Bangalore, India. The bi-annual flower show attracts hundreds of people from the city, and umpteen varieties of flowers displayed in exquisite revelry. Award…
Photo of the day 12022011

Purple Phase, by Arvind Bhatt

Purple flowers in the flower show at Lalbagh, Bangalore, India was a treat to watch. It made a good subject where I could use the DOF pretty effectively. The spot metering added to the effect. The bi-annual flower show attracts hundreds of people…
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Hope, by Arvind Bhatt

An old cycle-rickshaw wala, waits for his next customer, whom he can transport in the city of Haridwar, and get his next meal of the day. The life of many rickshaw wallas are so much short term planning. They just do not worry about anything…