Ana Encinas

Ana Encinas, born in Hermosillo, México, has had a passion for photography since she was little. She got her first DSLR camera in December 2009, and since then she started discovering the magic of photography at another level, and exploring techniques that are bringing her to find her own style as a photographer. Ana is a master in marketing and an entrepreneur, owns and manages several companies, but spends most of her free time making landscape and nature pictures and exploring photography. Photography is her true passion, and she´s working on developing her photography skills at the most.

Camera Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, and Canon EOS 6D.
Lenses: Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, Sigma 85mm f/1.4, Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM.
Current Location: Hermosillo, Mexico
Best Achievements & Exhibitions:
2nd Place | Photo of the Month | 59th Month
3rd Place | Photo of the Month | 12th Month
Solo photo exhibition “Naturally”. Hermosillo, Mexico (2012)
Several collective photo exhibitions. Hermosillo (2011-2012)
Photo used in the London Olympics Advertising (2012)
Published in NatGeo Traveler, Latin America (2011)
Published in several online and printed Magazines, such as Men´s Health.
Published in several local magazines.

Some of Ana Encinas’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Iceland at Dusk, by Ana Encinas

Iceland at Dusk, by Ana Encinas

Traveling through the southwest of Iceland, coming back from the Blue Lagoon towards the capital, Reykjavík, we found this peculiar landscape. A very interestin...
London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

It was a lovely and very cool October night in London, the first time I visited the city, and my first night there. Walking along the river, my eyes were deligh...

Shining Your Way, by Ana Encinas
Alegría y Festejos de Boda, by Ana Encinas
Stonehenge, facing warm sunlight, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
The Window, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Hummingbird, by Ana Encinas
Tulips, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Homeless, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
The Cabin, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Iceland at Dusk, by Ana Encinas
Connemara, by Ana Encinas
El Tren by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Tiny Water Turtle, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
London Eye at Night, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
An Old Pier, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
The Football Itself, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
The Beautiful City of Guanajuato, by Ana Encinas
Hummingbird's Eye, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Pelicans, by Ana Encinas
Viva Mexico, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
It's Still Beautiful, by Ana Encinas
We´ll Always Have Paris, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Big Ben, by Ana Encinas
Pregnancy Session, by Ana Encinas
The Butterfly Effect, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
The Look, by Ana Encinas
Golden Rain, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
A Healthy Choice, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
El Coliseo Romano, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Not just Cacti in Sonora, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Fort Shaw, by Ana Sylvia Encinas
Even if I Fall, I´ll Shine by Ana Sylvia Encinas
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Recent Reflections Based on Ana Encinas’s Photographs

Cruel Time

Cruel Time

Nothing more can give a clearer vision than a piece of photograph. It says so many things so easily! Harsh realities and beauty of a moment, nothing remains hid...
Desirable Innocence

Desirable Innocence

Innocence - so desirable and loving Innocence; so scarce Innocence; so scared innocence; so ignored innocence. I love you innocence. My heart breaks when I see ...

Desirable Innocence
Cruel Time
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